Called "A Rising Star" by both the Detroit News and Hotline, one of Michigan's five "Key Technology Leaders" by the Detroit Free Press, an "Under-40 Political 'Buzz-Saw'" by the Michigan Front Page, recognized as One Of Four Up-And-Coming Leaders by Savoy, a national magazine spotlighting young, dynamic African-Americans, chosen "Most Dedicated Detroiter" and "Best Local Politician" by Real Detroit Magazine, and served as Co-Chair of the Michigan Barack Obama for President Campaign; State Senator Buzz Thomas (D-Detroit) is known not only as a political force but also as a dynamic legislative leader.

One hundred and four years after Michigan's first African-American, William Web Ferguson, was elected to the Michigan Legislature, his great grand nephew, Thomas, was elected to represent Detroit's former Tenth District in the Michigan House. He served in the House for six years and in 2002 was elected to the Michigan Senate and was reelected in 2006.

Thomas was recently elected by his colleagues as the Senate Democratic Floor Leader and he is the only African-American in Michigan with a leadership position. In 2002, Thomas was unanimously elected by his House colleagues as the Michigan House Democratic Leader, where he served as one of the youngest legislative leaders in Michigan history. He was only the second African-American elected to such a legislative leadership position, one of the youngest in the country, and one of only two African-American legislative leaders in the nation. He is one of the few Michigan legislators to have held leadership positions in both the Michigan House and Senate.

At the age of 41, Thomas is an established leader in the field of energy and technology, health policy, and urban development. He is also an avid supporter of the arts and culture community.

Thomas has a diverse background in business, working as a homebuilder in metro Detroit, where he was Construction Manager for Parkside Building Company and Avis Tech Park partners, managing both commercial renovations and single-family, residential construction.

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